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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] input: tegra-kbc - Add tegra keyboard driver
Hi Rakesh,

On Fri, Jan 07, 2011 at 09:45:07AM -0800, wrote:
> +
> +struct tegra_kbc {
> + void __iomem *mmio;
> + struct input_dev *idev;
> + int irq;
> + unsigned int wake_enable_rows;
> + unsigned int wake_enable_cols;
> + spinlock_t lock;
> + unsigned int repoll_time;
> + unsigned long cp_dly_jiffies;
> + int fifo[KBC_MAX_KPENT];
> + const struct tegra_kbc_platform_data *pdata;
> + int *plain_keycode;
> + int *fn_keycode;

There should not be separate keycodes for FN and normal kys - FN is just
a modifier, like SHIFT or CTRL or ALT are and shoudl be handled in upper

Also you should wire up keycode/keycodemax/keycodesize in input_dev
structuire so that keymap can be retrieved via EVIOCGKEYCODE and
modified via EVIOGSKEYCODE. Also, because keymap is modifiable, the
original keymap should be copied in per-device structure, leaving
original intact. It (the original) also should be marked as const.

Since this papears to be a matrix keypad consider using definitions from

Thank you.


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