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    SubjectRe: down
    On 01/10/2011 10:52 AM, Roland Dreier wrote:
    > > > More excitement from
    > > >
    > > > Anyone want to take a stab at it? I know I'd be appreciative. I am
    > > > running a debug kernel with everything I could find and enable I even
    > > > remotely thought might prove helpful. Nothing has jumped out yet though.
    > >
    > > A little late, but perhaps running with the patch below might help us
    > > make a bit of progress. The idea is to dump the last /proc/net file
    > > opened and closed, so we can at least have a clue as to where the crash
    > > is coming from. This should add lines like
    > >
    > > last procfs open: /proc/2443/net/arp
    > > last procfs close: /proc/2443/net/arp
    > >
    > > to the oops output, so maybe we can zero in on things after you get a
    > > crash with this applied.
    > Just curious -- did you get a chance to run with this patch applied?
    > Did you collect any oopses yet?

    Not yet, I'm adding it in this afternoon. I did the upgrade to Fedora
    14 (and thus and seem to be getting, if not the same bug, a
    darned similar one:

    I haven't added it to 20702 yet as I haven't had time to confirm if it's
    the same issue, but at first glance it looks it. My plan is to compile
    up a mainline kernel, with the above patch, and with debugging turned on
    and to capture as much as I can from that.

    - John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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