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    SubjectIs via-velocity broken in 2.6.34?

    I'm running a vanilla 2.6.34 on a fleet of thin clients. We just got
    some devices that have a via VT61xx gigabit network card, and we
    discovered that the networking does not start on this new hardware.
    I've searched the archives here but have not seen similar reports -
    though this network adapter might not be in wide circulation
    yet....not sure.

    The network driver loads just fine, and I'm able to create eth0. I
    can run a dhcp client on the interface, and my dhcp server recieves
    the DHCPDISCOVER messages, immediately sending DHCPOFFERs, however the
    dhcp client does not acknowledge the offers. When running ifconfig
    while this is happening, the RX packets field increments slowly, while
    the TX packets field does not do anything. It stays at 0. I would
    expect the DHCPDISCOVER packets (since they are transmitting to my
    server) to be incrimenting the TX packets field.

    When I assign an IPV4 address to the interface, I cannot ping devices
    on the same subnet. When I run tcpdump on other linux hosts on the
    same subnet, I can see that the client does an ARP request for the ip
    address it is trying to ping. I also see the arp-replies on the wire,
    but the client continuously sends arp-requests.

    The previous version we had working was 2.6.29, and the via-velocity
    driver there works fine on this particular hardware. I've just
    compiled 2.6.34-6 and the problem is the same.

    Attached is debug.tar. It contains dmesg, config.gz, ethtool,
    ifconfig, and lspci output. I'm not sure what else to do at this
    point. Is there some debugging I can enable in the kernel to give
    more clues as to what's gone wrong?


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