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SubjectRe: [PATCH] gainfar.c : skb_over_panic (kernel-
Hi Eran, David
This bug still exits on current both stable and rc kernel releases
reported on the mail list.
Is there any merge plan this patch to current kernel.

2010/6/29 Eran Liberty <>:
> David Miller wrote:
>> From: Eran Liberty <>
>> Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:57:08 +0300
>>> This code has proved to be insufficient and produce
>>> skb_over_panic. The proposed patch fix this.
>> Then you have to post a patch relative to the current code, rather than
>> against the code as it was several releases ago.
>> Your patch didn't apply, so I can't use it.
> Upon cleaning up my patch for the latest kernel I realized I do not
> like: the previous partial fix, the fix in ucc_geth.c, the fix in the
> current latest kernel, and my own previously proposed patch. They all
> tried to undo the alignment skb_reserve done in gfar_new_skb() before
> queuing the skb into the rw_recycle, because upon getting a new one in
> gfar_new_skb() if the skb is from the rx_recycle pool rather then newly
> allocated it is reserved twice.
> Instead of trying to undo the skb_reserve this proposed patch will make
> sure the alignment skb_reserve is done once, upon allocating the skb and
> not when taken out of the rx_recycle pool. Eliminating the need to undo
> anything before queue skb back to the pool.
> This patch will apply cleanly against the Another patch will
> be submitted separately for the current Linus tree.
> -- Liberty
> Signed-off-by: Eran Liberty <>

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