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SubjectRFC: append reason for cc to the name by default
On Fri, 2010-09-10 at 11:33 +0200, wrote:
> The script is a very useful tool for deploying changes
> made to the kernel. Among others it searches not only the MAINTAINERS
> file but also the git history for people to send patches to.
> This can be unexpected for the receiving side and can and does provoke
> sometimes anger because it is not easy to determine if the sender did
> explicitly put the receiving side on the cc list, or if they just
> trolled the tree. The receiving side, if not used to be cc'd on many
> things will check the patch, spend time investigating what the heck they
> were cc'd just to realize, that there was no special reason.
> As is frequently used by kernel newcomers who _can_
> not know whom to cc by themself, this anger then comes as a surprise for them
> and definitely puts them in an awkward position.
> By appending a a note of the reason for the cc in the name, the reason
> becomes clear and the receiving side is relieved from feeling obliged to
> check the patch while the sending side has a chance to adapt the
> cc'list to their liking.
> But the most useful aspect of this is, IMHO, that it makes it transparent who
> just used as a shortcut to increase his own
> patch-throughput or who really put an effort in finding or editing the
> cc'list to their likings.

How about making --rolestats the default and adding a --nodecorate
option default off?

This would mean that any current script that expects bare email
addresses would need to add --nodecorate to get the old behavior.

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