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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: tidy e820 output
    On 09/22/2010 04:12 PM, David Rientjes wrote:
    > On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    >>> This patch is going to break our userspace parsing scripts if you change
    >>> the output format. Admittedly, we're probably one of the few users who
    >>> actually parses this output, but we do have reasons to do it for our
    >>> firmware. If there was some improvement being introduced here, we'd
    >>> happily handle multiple regexs (we constantly add new patterns when new
    >>> kernels are released), but I'm not seeing how this is better.
    >> Kernel messages are not an ABI or API.
    >> The user space API for this stuff is /sys/firmware/memmap.
    > I'm referring to using [start, start + addr - 1] in the output, like
    > /sys/firmware/memmap does, as opposed to [start, start + addr]. Is it not
    > valuable to include the actual e820 map in some way, especially when you
    > have your own BIOS? We've always used this output since it isn't
    > available later.

    "The actual e820 map" contains (start, length, type) -- the end bracket
    is not part of it at all. Either way, /sys/firmware/memmap does provide
    the memory map as provided by the firmware through whatever means.

    > Another use of this information that people may already be using it for is
    > ensuring the memmap= on the command line is parsed correctly.
    > So, again, I'm looking for the benefit here in this patch and it's not
    > immediately apparent to me.

    Consistency with other resources displayed seems like a major win to me.


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