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    SubjectRe: [BUG, Regression, bisected] USB mouse causes bug on 1st insert, ignored on 2nd insert, lsusb stuck at usbdev_open
    On 21.09.2010 16:54, Phil Turmel wrote:

    > On 09/21/2010 10:30 AM, Alan Stern wrote:
    >> On Tue, 21 Sep 2010, Jiri Kosina wrote:
    >>> I have just found out that it's actually CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS which
    >>> makes the difference. When unset, the problem doesn't trigger, and
    >>> usb_find_interface() always returns the proper interface. When
    >>> CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS is being used, the oops happen.
    >>> I'll look into that.
    >> Apparently the problem is that intf->minors doesn't get initialized
    >> properly. This patch should fix it. Everybody, please try it out.
    > Yes, this works for me. (as did Jiri's version.)

    Both versions of the patch are working fine for me too also.

    > Thank you both for the support.
    > Feel free to add my:
    > Tested-by: Philip J. Turmel <>

    And mine if you wish.
    Tested-by: Gabriel Craciunescu <>

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