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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] hid: 3m: Convert to MT slots

    Le 20 sept. 10 à 22:04, Henrik Rydberg a écrit :
    >> What about this:
    >> + value = clamp_val(value, 0, MAX_SLOTS - 1);
    >> if (md->valid) {
    >> md->curid = value;
    >> md->f[value].touch = md->touch;
    >> If you had tracking IDs 59, 60 and 61 in the same frame, this
    >> would not work
    >> properly would it?
    > That is the slot id being set. The microtouch controller is also
    > using slots
    > internally.

    Oh, right. Once again back to your definition of tracking ID that is
    not so intuitive to me :-) In the end we might end up dealing with
    three IDs: the device's tracking ID, the slot ID, and the Linux
    tracking ID. Here, the first and the second are the same but will
    they always be? I remember when Stantum used to provide us with 16
    bit "device tracking IDs"...

    Anyway, I have no more problem with this constant. Just with the
    vocabulary :-)

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