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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 2/2] netfilter: save the hash of the tuple in the original direction for latter use
    On 21.08.2010 00:49, Changli Gao wrote:
    > Since we don't change the tuple in the original direction, we can save it
    > in ct->tuplehash[IP_CT_DIR_REPLY].hnode.pprev for __nf_conntrack_confirm()
    > use.

    I like this idea. We could actually do the same for the reply tuple
    and invalidate the saved hash in case the reply tuple is changed
    (nf_conntrack_alter_reply()), which only happens when NAT is used.

    > __hash_conntrack() is split into two steps: ____hash_conntrack() is used
    > to get the raw hash, and __hash_bucket() is used to get the bucket id.

    This patch uses underscores a bit excessively, how about renaming:

    - ____hash_conntrack() => hash_conntrack_raw()
    - __hash variables => hash
    - hash variables => bucket

    > @@ -408,7 +438,8 @@ __nf_conntrack_confirm(struct sk_buff *skb)
    > return NF_ACCEPT;
    > zone = nf_ct_zone(ct);
    > - hash = hash_conntrack(net, zone, &ct->tuplehash[IP_CT_DIR_ORIGINAL].tuple);
    > + /* reuse the __hash saved before */
    > + hash = hash_bucket(*(unsigned long *)&ct->tuplehash[IP_CT_DIR_REPLY].hnnode.pprev, net);

    Please try to stay at least close to the 80 characters limit.

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