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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add Intel Poulsbo Stub Driver
Hi Valdis, 

Thank's for your kindly review.

於 二,2010-09-14 於 13:10 -0400, 提到:
> On Tue, 14 Sep 2010 10:39:42 +0800, "Lee, Chun-Yi" said:
> >
> > + select ACPI_VIDEO if ACPI
> > + help
> > + Choose this option if you have a system that has Intel Poulsbo
> > + integrated graphics.
> Can we have a part number or something here? When I buy a system from Dell or
> someplace, the spec sheet doesn't say 'Poulsbo', it says 'i945' or 'i987' or
> something like that.
> (If this is a not-yet-escaped-from-engineering new part, maybe a follow-up patch
> when the part is officially named/announced?)

I just google the MSI U110/U115 poulsbo netbook on my hand, it's a Intel
Menlow netbook.
I am not sure _Menlow_ is a more popular name compare with _Poulsbo_,
how do you think about that?
Should I put the _Menlow_ in config help ?

Thank's a lot!
Joey Lee

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