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SubjectRe: How to determine the information about SATA controller
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>  > In my case, BIOS options are enhanced / legacy / disabled. I tried all
>  > but of no use. So I am using enhanced to boot Fedora 13 kernel.
> We need to see the complete kernel messages from a failed boot to
> determine the root cause of that missing root device failure.
> I suggest hooking up a null-modem serial cable to a second machine
> and run minicom on that one to capture boot messages, but there may
> be other ways to capture boot messages: netconsole? firewire?

Netbook is also using SATA Intel controller :

I used netbook config and with little bit modification as CPU and
network device is changed, I am able to boot the kernel :

dmesg :


Thanks for your help,
Jaswinder Singh.
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