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SubjectRe: Memory corruption during hibernation since 2.6.31

> > I've CC'ed Andrea because we were having an offline conversation about
> > whether ksmd (and his khugepaged) need to set_freezable(); and I wonder
> > if this swap bug underlies his interest, though he was mainly worrying
> > about I/O in progress.
> My opinion is that with current freezer model it is needed for suspend
> to disk. The kthread_should_stop seems useless for kswapd/ksmd, but
> I'm afraid it might get useful in the future so just to stay on the
> safe side I added it to khugepaged as well, but it's contributing to
> the pollution.
> I've no idea why the freezing isn't preemptive (through the scheduler,
> all these kernel threads are obviously lowlatency beasts) by default

Hibernation woulld like all tasks frozen with no locks held - so that
write to disk does not have to care about locking.

(cesky, pictures)

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