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SubjectRe: Attempted summary of suspend-blockers LKML thread, take three
On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:54 AM, Paul E. McKenney
<> wrote:
> o       "Ill-behaved application" AKA "untrusted application" AKA
>        "crappy application".

> o       "PM-driving application" are applications that are permitted
>        to acquire suspend blockers on Android.

These definitions are wrong.

1) There are trusted applications that misbehave (the user clicks Yes
when asked about PM permissions)
2) There are untrusted applications that are power optimized (The user
clicks No)

The proponents of suspend blockers in user-space have tried to ignore
this fact, but the truth is that PM permissions and power optimization
are orthogonal to each other.

Felipe Contreras
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