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    SubjectLinux 2.6.36-rc3
    You all know the drill by now: another week, another -rc.

    Nothing in particular stands out that I can recall. As usual, it's
    mostly driver updates (65%), of which a large piece (by line count) is
    just the removal of a staging driver that isn't really ready nor
    making any progress. But on the "somewhat more likely to cause
    excitement" front, there's some radeon/nouveau drm updates too.

    Outside of drivers, you have CIFS, ceph and xfs filesystem updates,
    and sparc/blackfin on the arch side. And various random noise -
    networking, fsnotify, an anonvma locking fix etc. The appended
    shortlog gives a fairly good idea of what kinds of things have been
    going on.

    Anyway, I'm hoping it is going to be an extremely boring -rc, because
    I'm just about to leave for LinuxCon Brazil, and while I'll follow
    issues over email, I'm not planning to do any pulls for the next week.


    Adam Jackson (1):
    drm/modes: Fix CVT-R modeline generation

    Akinobu Mita (1):
    sound: oss: fix uninitialized spinlock

    Alan Cox (1):
    ceph: Fix warnings

    Alex Deucher (17):
    drm/radeon/kms: DCE3/4 AdjustPixelPll updates
    drm/radeon/kms: rework encoder handling
    drm/radeon/kms: DCE3/4 transmitter fixes
    drm/radeon/kms/atom: clean up dig atom handling
    drm/radeon/kms/pm: bail early if nothing's changing
    drm/radeon/kms/DCE3+: switch pads to ddc mode when going i2c
    drm/radeon/kms: add missing asic callback assignment for evergreen
    drm/radeon/kms: rework radeon_dp_detect() logic
    drm/radeon/kms: fix agp mode setup on cards that use pcie bridges
    drm/radeon/kms: don't enable MSIs on AGP boards
    drm/radeon/kms: add back missing break in info ioctl
    drm/radeon/kms: set encoder type to DVI for HDMI on evergreen
    drm/radeon/kms: fix sideport detection on newer rs880 boards
    drm/radeon/kms: try to detect tv vs monitor for underscan
    drm/radeon/kms: fix typo in radeon_compute_pll_gain
    drm/radeon/kms: remove stray radeon_i2c_destroy
    drm/radeon/kms: add missing scratch update in dp_detect

    Amerigo Wang (1):
    makefile: not need to regenerate kernel.release file when make

    Amit Kumar Salecha (2):
    netxen: fix inconsistent lock state
    netxen: update version 4.0.74

    Anatolij Gustschin (1):
    powerpc: Fix typo in uImage target

    Andiry Xu (1):
    USB: xHCI: update ring dequeue pointer when process missed tds

    Andre Detsch (1):
    ehea: Fix synchronization between HW and SW send queue

    Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
    fanotify: Return EPERM when a process is not privileged

    Andreas Herrmann (1):
    hwmon: (k8temp) Differentiate between AM2 and ASB1

    Andreas Schwab (3):
    powerpc: Wire up fanotify_init, fanotify_mark, prlimit64 syscalls
    via-pmu: Add compat_pmu_ioctl
    powerpc: Fix config dependency problem with MPIC_U3_HT_IRQS

    Anton Blanchard (5):
    powerpc/mm: Fix vsid_scrample typo
    powerpc/kdump: Stop all other CPUs before running crash handlers
    powerpc: Inline ppc64_runlatch_off
    powerpc: Fix bogus it_blocksize in VIO iommu code
    tracing/trace_stack: Fix stack trace on ppc64

    Anton Vorontsov (1):
    phylib: Fix race between returning phydev and calling adjust_link

    Arjan van de Ven (1):
    tracing: Fix timer tracing

    Arnd Bergmann (1):
    drm: fix regression in drm locking since BKL removal.

    Axel Lin (4):
    USB: r8a66597-udc: return -ENOMEM if kzalloc() fails
    hwmon: (ads7871) Fix ads7871_probe error paths
    Input: pxa27x_keypad - remove input_free_device() in
    ASoC: soc-core: fix debugfs_pop_time file permissions

    Barry Song (1):
    Blackfin: bf52x/bf54x boards: drop unused nand page size

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
    libata: remove no longer needed pata_winbond driver

    Ben Skeggs (11):
    drm/nv50: fix minor thinko from nvc0 changes
    drm/nouveau: fix race condition when under memory pressure
    drm/nouveau: check for error when allocating/mapping dummy page
    drm/nouveau: remove warning about unknown tmds table revisions
    drm/nouveau: punt some more log messages to debug level
    drm/nv50-nvc0: ramht_size is meant to be in bytes, not entries
    drm/nvc0: fix thinko in instmem suspend/resume
    drm/nouveau: fix earlier mistake when fixing merge conflict
    drm/nv50: add dcb type 14 to enum to prevent compiler complaint
    drm: export drm_global_mutex for drivers to use
    drm/nouveau: drop drm_global_mutex before sleeping in submission path

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
    powerpc: Make rwsem use "long" type

    Bernard Pidoux F6BVP (1):
    ax25: misplaced sock_put(sk)

    Bill Pemberton (8):
    USB: ssu100: add locking for port private data in ssu100
    USB: ssu100: refine process_packet in ssu100
    USB: ssu100: remove duplicate #defines in ssu100
    USB: ssu100: add register parameter to ssu100_setregister
    USB: ssu100: rework logic for TIOCMIWAIT
    USB: serial: export symbol usb_serial_generic_disconnect
    USB: ssu100: add disconnect function for ssu100
    USB: ssu100: set tty_flags in ssu100_process_packet

    Borislav Petkov (2):
    MCE, AMD: Limit MCE decoding to current families for now
    amd64_edac: Do not report error overflow as a separate error

    Breno Leitao (1):
    qlge: reset the chip before freeing the buffers

    Bruce Allan (2):
    e1000e: disable ASPM L1 on 82573
    e1000e: don't check for alternate MAC addr on parts that don't support it

    Changhwan Youn (1):
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix on Secondary CPU startup

    Changli Gao (2):
    header: fix broken headers for user space
    bridge: netfilter: fix a memory leak

    Charles Chin (1):
    ALSA: hda - Add support for IDT 92HD89XX codecs

    Chris Wilson (1):
    vgaarb: Wrap vga_(get|put) in CONFIG_VGA_ARB

    Christoph Fritz (1):
    Input: mousedev - fix regression of inverting axes

    Christoph Hellwig (1):
    xfs: do not discard page cache data on EAGAIN

    Clemens Ladisch (1):
    firewire: core: do not use del_timer_sync() in interrupt context

    Craig Shelley (1):
    USB: CP210x Fix Break On/Off

    Dan Carpenter (16):
    drm: fix end of loop test
    drm: move dereference below check
    ip2: remove unneeded NULL check
    ip2: return -EFAULT on copy_to_user errors
    rocket: add a mutex_unlock()
    synclink: add mutex_unlock() on error path
    USB: uvc_v4l2: cleanup test for end of loop
    pxa168_eth: remove unneeded null check
    pxa168_eth: fix error handling in prope
    pxa168_eth: update call to phy_mii_ioctl()
    pxa168_eth: silence gcc warnings
    ceph: ceph_get_inode() returns an ERR_PTR
    [libata] sata_dwc_460ex: signdness bug
    ceph: ceph_mdsc_build_path() returns an ERR_PTR
    ceph: fix get_ticket_handler() error handling
    ALSA: pcm: add more format names

    Daniel T Chen (1):
    ALSA: intel8x0: Mute External Amplifier by default for ThinkPad X31

    Daniel Vetter (1):
    drm: mm: fix range restricted allocations

    Dave Airlie (3):
    drm: stop information leak of old kernel stack.
    drm: block userspace under allocating buffer and having drivers
    overwrite it (v2)
    drm/radeon: fix passing wrong type to gem object create.

    Dave Chinner (10):
    radix-tree: clear all tags in radix_tree_node_rcu_free
    radix-tree: radix_tree_range_tag_if_tagged() can set incorrect tags
    xfs: unlock items before allowing the CIL to commit
    xfs: ensure we mark all inodes in a freed cluster XFS_ISTALE
    xfs: fix untrusted inode number lookup
    writeback: write_cache_pages doesn't terminate at nr_to_write <= 0
    xfs: handle negative wbc->nr_to_write during sync writeback
    xfs: dummy transactions should not dirty VFS state
    xfs: Reduce log force overhead for delayed logging
    xfs: don't do memory allocation under the CIL context lock

    Dave Kleikamp (4):
    powerpc/47x: Make sure mcsr is cleared before enabling machine
    check interrupts
    powerpc/47x: Remove redundant line from cputable.c
    powerpc/4xx: Index interrupt stacks by physical cpu
    powerpc/47x: Add an isync before the tlbivax instruction

    David Alan Gilbert (1):
    PM QoS: Fix kzalloc() parameters swapped in pm_qos_power_open()

    David Henningsson (1):
    ALSA: hda - Add Sony VAIO quirk for ALC269

    David Howells (3):
    kobject: Break the kobject namespace defs into their own header
    NOMMU: Stub out vm_get_page_prot() if there's no MMU
    Alpha: Fix a missing comma in sys_osf_statfs()

    David S. Miller (5):
    sparc64: Really fix atomic64_t interface types.
    sparc64: Make rwsems 64-bit.
    sparc64: Make lock backoff really a NOP on UP builds.
    sparc64: Get rid of indirect p1275 PROM call buffer.
    tcp: Combat per-cpu skew in orphan tests.

    Denis Kirjanov (1):
    powerpc: Use is_32bit_task() helper to test 32 bit binary

    Dmitry Torokhov (4):
    Input: sysrq - drop tty argument from sysrq ops handlers
    Input: sysrq - drop tty argument form handle_sysrq()
    USB: drop tty argument from usb_serial_handle_sysrq_char()
    Input: hil_kbd - fix compile error

    Eliot Blennerhassett (1):
    ALSA: asihpi - Return hw error directly from oustream_write.

    Eric Dumazet (6):
    rds: fix a leak of kernel memory
    irda: fix a race in irlan_eth_xmit()
    qlnic: fix a race in qlcnic_get_stats()
    netxen: fix a race in netxen_nic_get_stats()
    tcp: fix three tcp sysctls tuning
    l2tp: test for ethernet header in l2tp_eth_dev_recv()

    Eric Paris (7):
    fanotify: do not dereference inode_mark when it is unset
    fsnotify: reset used_inode and used_vfsmount on each pass
    fanotify: add MAINTAINERS entry
    fsnotify: fix ignored mask handling between inode and vfsmount marks
    fanotify: flush outstanding perm requests on group destroy
    fsnotify: fix list walk order
    fsnotify: drop two useless bools in the fnsotify main loop

    Felipe Balbi (1):
    USB: otg: twl4030: fix wrong assumption of starting state

    Fenghua Yu (1):
    MAINTAINERS: hwmon/coretemp: Change maintainers

    Florian Westphal (1):
    netfilter: fix CONFIG_COMPAT support

    Francisco Jerez (7):
    drm/nouveau: Don't try DDC on the dummy I2C channel.
    drm/nouveau: Add TV-out quirk for an MSI nForce2 IGP.
    drm/nouveau: Workaround missing GPIO tables on an Apple iMac G4 NV18.
    drm/nouveau: Use a helper function to match PCI device/subsystem IDs.
    drm/nouveau: Fix backlight control on PPC machines with an
    internal TMDS panel.
    drm/nouveau: Fix TMDS on some DCB1.5 boards.
    drm/nv20: Don't use pushbuf calls on the original nv20.

    Galen Seitz (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio: add product ID for Lenz LI-USB

    Grant Likely (1):
    powerpc/pci: Fix checking for child bridges in PCI code.

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (2):
    Staging: sep: remove driver
    USB: io_ti: check firmware version before updating

    Heiko Carstens (1):
    caif-driver: add HAS_DMA dependency

    Henry C Chang (1):
    ceph: fix osd request lru adjustment when sending request

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    mm: fix hang on anon_vma->root->lock

    Ian Campbell (3):
    xen: pvhvm: allow user to request no emulated device unplug
    xen: pvhvm: rename xen_emul_unplug=ignore to =unnnecessary
    xen: pvhvm: make it clearer that XEN_UNPLUG_* define bits in a bitfield

    Igor Druzhinin (1):
    cifs: correction of unicode header files

    Ingo Molnar (1):
    V4L/DVB: mantis: Fix IR_CORE dependency

    J. Bruce Fields (3):
    nfsd4: bad BUG() in preprocess_stateid_op
    nfsd4: typo fix in find_any_file
    nfsd4: fix downgrade/lock logic

    Jan Beulich (1):
    fixes for using make 3.82

    Javier Martinez Canillas (7):
    Staging: spectra: removes q->prepare_flush_fn, fix build breakage
    Staging: use new REQ_FLUSH flag, fix build breakage
    Staging: spectra: don't use locked_ioctl, fix build
    Staging: spectra: remove duplicate GLOB_VERSION definition
    Staging: spectra: removes unused variable
    Staging: spectra: initializa lblk variable
    Staging: spectra: removes unused functions

    Jean Delvare (2):
    drm/radeon: Fix stack data leak
    hwmon: (coretemp) Fix harmless build warning

    Jef Driesen (1):
    USB: pl2303: New vendor and product id

    Jeff Layton (4):
    cifs: clean up error handling in cifs_mknod
    cifs: consolidate error handling in several functions
    cifs: fix NULL pointer dereference in cifs_find_smb_ses
    cifs: check for NULL session password

    Jeff Mahoney (1):
    net/caif/cfrfml.c: use asm/unaligned.h

    Jens Axboe (1):
    ipheth: add support for iPhone 4

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge (2):
    xen: use percpu interrupts for IPIs and VIRQs
    xen: handle events as edge-triggered

    Jerome Glisse (1):
    drm/radeon/kms: fix GTT/VRAM overlapping test

    Jerome Marchand (1):
    ecryptfs: properly mark init functions

    Jerone Young (1):
    ALSA: hda - Add support for Lenovo S10-3t

    Jesse Barnes (1):
    drm/i915: fix vblank wait test condition

    Jianwei Yang (1):
    intel_scu_ipc: fix IPC i2c write bug

    Joe Perches (1):
    drivers/net/wireless: Restore upper case words in wiphy_<level> messages

    Johannes Berg (3):
    iwlwifi: fix 3945 filter flags
    netlink: fix compat recvmsg
    firmware_class: fix typo in error path

    John W. Linville (1):
    ipw2100: don't sync status queue entries

    John Youn (1):
    USB: xhci: Remove buggy assignment in next_trb()

    Jonathan Corbet (1):
    ACPI_TOSHIBA needs LEDS support

    Jongpill Lee (4):
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix on PLL setting for S5PV310
    ARM: S5PV310: Should be clk_sclk_apll not clk_mout_apll
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix missed uart clocks
    ARM: S5PV310: Bug fix on uclk1 and sclk_pwm

    Julia Lawall (8):
    ieee1394: Adjust confusing if indentation
    arch/mn10300/mm: eliminate NULL dereference
    USB: gadget: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure
    powerpc/powermac: Drop unnecessary of_node_put
    powerpc/powermac: Drop unnecessary null test
    powerpc/pci: Drop unnecessary null test
    fs/ecryptfs: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure
    net/ipv4: Eliminate kstrdup memory leak

    KOSAKI Motohiro (1):
    tcp: select(writefds) don't hang up when a peer close connection

    Kay Sievers (1):
    Input: uinput - add devname alias to allow module on-demand load

    Kevin Hilman (1):
    OMAP3: PM: ensure IO wakeups are properly disabled

    Kukjin Kim (4):
    ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix on build warning regarding VMALLOC_END type
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix on default ZRELADDR of ARCH_S5PV310
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix on typo irqs.h of S5PV310
    ARM: S5PV310: Add CMU block for S5PV310 Clock

    Kulikov Vasiliy (3):
    68328serial: check return value of copy_*_user() instead of access_ok()
    USB: iowarrior: fix misuse of return value of copy_to_user()
    USB: adutux: fix misuse of return value of copy_to_user()

    Kuninori Morimoto (1):
    net: sh_eth: remove unused variable

    Kyungmin Park (2):
    ARM: S5P: VMALLOC_END should be unsigned long
    ARM: S5PV310: Fix on GPIO base addresses

    Lin Ming (1):
    perf, x86, Pentium4: Clear the P4_CCCR_FORCE_OVF flag

    Linus Torvalds (1):
    Linux 2.6.36-rc3

    Marek Lindner (4):
    Staging: batman-adv: unify orig_hash_lock spinlock handling to
    avoid deadlocks
    Staging: batman-adv: fix batman icmp originating from secondary interface
    Staging: batman-adv: always reply batman icmp packets with primary mac
    Staging: batman-adv: fix own mac address detection

    Mark Lord (2):
    sata_mv: fix broken DSM/TRIM support (v2)
    libata-sff: remove harmful BUG_ON from ata_bmdma_qc_issue

    Martin Michlmayr (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio: Add ID for Ionics PlugComputer

    Martin Schwidefsky (1):
    [S390] fix tlb flushing vs. concurrent /proc accesses

    Matt Evans (1):
    powerpc: Initialise paca->kstack before early_setup_secondary

    Matthew Garrett (1):
    hp-wmi: Fix query interface

    Michael Hennerich (1):
    USB: isp1760: use a write barrier to ensure proper ndelay timing

    Michael Rubin (1):
    mm: exporting account_page_dirty

    Michael Tokarev (1):
    USB: option: add Celot CT-650

    Michael Wileczka (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio: fix endianess of max packet size

    Michal Marek (1):
    setlocalversion: Ignote SCMs above the linux source tree

    Michal Simek (1):
    ll_temac: Fix poll implementation

    Mike Frysinger (4):
    Blackfin: fix hweight breakage
    ADI/ASoC: add MAINTAINERS entries
    Blackfin: wire up new fanotify/prlimit64 syscalls
    Blackfin: punt duplicate SPORT MMR defines

    Mikulas Patocka (2):
    sparc64: simple microoptimizations for atomic functions
    sparc64: Fill a missing delay slot.

    Ming Lei (1):
    USB: serial: fix leak of usb serial module refrence count

    Nathan Fontenot (1):
    powerpc: Correct smt_enabled=X boot option for > 2 threads per core

    Neil Horman (1):
    3c59x: Fix deadlock between boomerang_interrupt and boomerang_start_tx

    Nishanth Menon (1):
    omap3: id: fix 3630 rev detection

    Olof Johansson (2):
    arm: tegra: fix compilation of board-harmony.c
    arm: tegra: VMALLOC_END should be unsigned long

    Ossama Othman (1):
    rar: Fix off by one error

    Patrice Mandin (1):
    drm/nv30: Apply modesetting to the correct slave encoder

    Peter Zijlstra (2):
    sched: Fix rq->clock synchronization when migrating tasks
    watchdog: Don't throttle the watchdog

    Phil Oester (1):
    vlan: Match underlying dev carrier on vlan add

    Randy Dunlap (2):
    isdn/avm: fix build when PCMCIA is not enabled
    USB: gadget: fix composite kernel-doc warnings

    Robert Jennings (1):
    ibmveth: Fix opps during MTU change on an active device

    Roel Kluin (1):
    USB: serial: io_ti.c: don't return 0 if writing the download record failed

    Ross Burton (1):
    USB: add device IDs for igotu to navman

    Rupjyoti Sarmah (1):
    powerpc/4xx: Device tree update for the 460ex DWC SATA

    Rusty Russell (2):
    lguest: clean up warnings in demonstration launcher.
    lguest: Odd Fixes

    Sachin Sanap (1):
    net: add Fast Ethernet driver for PXA168.

    Sage Weil (9):
    ceph: fix multiple mds session shutdown
    ceph: fix xattr cap writeback
    ceph: include dirty xattrs state in snapped caps
    ceph: queue cap snap writeback for realm children on snap update
    ceph: direct requests in snapped namespace based on nonsnap parent
    ceph: don't improperly set dir complete when holding EXCL cap
    ceph: maintain i_head_snapc when any caps are dirty, not just for data
    ceph: initialize fields on new dentry_infos
    ceph: don't BUG on ENOMEM during mds reconnect

    Sam Ravnborg (3):
    kconfig: fix savedefconfig with choice marked optional
    kconfig: fix segfault when detecting recursive dependency
    netfilter: fix userspace header warning

    Saravana Kannan (1):
    PM QoS: Fix inline documentation.

    Sascha Hauer (1):
    ASoC: i.MX ssi: use SSI_STCCR in synchronous mode

    Sebastian Ott (1):
    [S390] s390: fix build error (sys_execve)

    Shirish Pargaonkar (1):
    missing changes during ntlmv2/ntlmssp auth and sign

    Signed-off-by: Darren Hart (3):
    powerpc: Re-enable preemption before cpu_die()
    powerpc: Silence __cpu_up() under normal operation
    powerpc: Silence xics_migrate_irqs_away() during cpu offline

    Sonny Rao (1):
    powerpc: Export memstart_addr and kernstart_addr on ppc64

    Stefan Richter (4):
    firewire: sbp2: fix memory leak in sbp2_cancel_orbs or at send error
    firewire: sbp2: fix stall with "Unsolicited response"
    firewire: net: fix unicast reception RCODE in failure paths
    firewire: ohci: work around VIA and NEC PHY packet reception bug

    Steve French (2):
    [CIFS] Fix ntlmv2 auth with ntlmssp
    [CIFS] Eliminate unused variable warning

    Stuart Brodsky (1):
    xfs: ensure f_ffree returned by statfs() is non-negative

    Suresh Jayaraman (1):
    Cannot allocate memory error on mount

    Suresh Siddha (1):
    x86, tsc, sched: Recompute cyc2ns_offset's during resume from sleep states

    Sven Eckelmann (4):
    Staging: batman-adv: Fix merge of linus tree
    Staging: batman-adv: Create batman_if only on register event
    Staging: batman-adv: Don't use net_dev after dev_put
    Staging: batman-adv: Don't write in not allocated packet_buff

    Takashi Iwai (4):
    ALSA: hda - Fix build error with CONFIG_PROC_FS=n
    ALSA: hda - Fix conflict of sticky PCM parameter in HDMI codecs
    ALSA: hda - Fix stream and channel-ids codec-bus wide
    nfsd: fix NULL dereference in nfsd_statfs()

    Tejun Heo (3):
    pata_cmd64x: revert commit d62f5576
    ahci: add HFLAG_YES_FBS and apply it to 88SE9128
    libata: be less of a drama queen on empty data commands

    Tim Chen (1):
    mutex: Improve the scalability of optimistic spinning

    Tony Lindgren (3):
    omap: Fix sev instruction usage for multi-omap
    omap: Use CONFIG_SMP for test_for_ipi and test_for_ltirq
    omap: Fix omap_4430sdp_defconfig for make oldconfig

    Tony Luck (2):
    serial: print early console device address in hex
    guard page for stacks that grow upwards

    Tvrtko Ursulin (2):
    fanotify: drop duplicate pr_debug statement
    fanotify: resize pid and reorder structure

    Tyler Hicks (1):
    eCryptfs: Fix encrypted file name lookup regression

    Uwe Kleine-König (1):
    ARM: imx: fix build failure concerning otg/ulpi

    Wey-Yi Guy (3):
    iwlwifi: long monitor timer
    iwlwifi: use long monitor timer to avoid un-necessary reload
    iwlwifi: use long monitor timer for 5300 series

    Xiaotian Feng (1):
    kobject_uevent: fix typo in comments

    Yaniv Rosner (2):
    bnx2x: Fix PHY locking problem
    bnx2x: Update bnx2x version to 1.52.53-4

    Yinglin Luan (2):
    netxen: fix poll implementation
    qlcnic: fix poll implementation (1):
    Eliminate sparse warning - bad constant expression

    stanley.miao (1):
    OMAP3: Fix a cpu type check problem
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