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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] GPIO: add support for NXP 74HC164 GPIO expander

    --- On Sat, 8/28/10, Florian Fainelli <> wrote:

    > This patch adds support for
    > NXP's 74HC164 GPIO expander.

    The 74164 parts are standard 74xxx series
    discrete logic parts sold by many vendors
    as 8 bit shift registers ... and in many
    logic series (HC, HCT, more).

    At least describe this as generic to all
    those 8-bit shift registers, not just NXP.
    And not as "GPIO expanders"; data sheets
    describe them as shift registers. Kconfig
    can say that the shift registers are being
    used for GPIO (output) expansion.

    I suppose it's reasonable not to support the
    way these chips can be daisy-chained, but it'd
    be worth a comment, IMO; that strikes me as a
    think someone will add at some point, via some
    platform data (e.g.32 GPIO outputs from 4 chips).

    - Dave

    p.s. I'd have to pull out my data sheet collection
    to verify, but it might be the 74163 which can
    be used as an 8 bit parallel to serial (input)
    shift register...

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