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    SubjectRe: # 16881 [REGRESSION, Radeon-KMS] 2.6.36-rc1,2 - graphic issues in 0 A.D.
    On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 12:27 PM, trapDoor <> wrote:
    > On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 6:09 AM, Alex Deucher <> wrote:
    >> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM, trapDoor <> wrote:
    >>> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 6:12 AM, Alex Deucher <> wrote:
    >>>> On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 3:41 PM, trapDoor <> wrote:
    >>>>> Hello,
    >>>>> Just wanted to let you know about this before bisecting which
    >>>>> hopefully I will be able to start tomorrow. Please take a look at the
    >>>>> screenshots in below links to see the difference with rendering
    >>>>> textures in 0 A.D. alpha1 on kernel and 2.6.36-rc1-git3. [0
    >>>>> A.D. - strategic game, OS clone of Age of Empires; home page:
    >>>>> 0 A.D. on kernel [good]:
    >>>>> 0 A.D. on kernel 2.6.36-rc1-git3:
    >>>>> Please note that in both cases only kernel was different. The other
    >>>>> components [including hardware] were in the same versions and had the
    >>>>> same options (like the game itself, xorg-ati drivers, mesa, libdrm
    >>>>> [S3TC disabled], etc.). So it must be kernel then.
    >>>> What card?  Anything in your dmesg?
    >>>> Alex
    >>> Hi Alex,
    >>> Sorry for lack of details in my first e-mail. I was hoping to send you
    >>> the logs together with bisecting results. Unfortunately there are
    >>> other issues between 2.6.35-git2 - the last 'good' kernel (which
    >>> doesn't include the first drm pull for 2.6.36 window merge) - and
    >>> 2.6.36-rc1. Due to those issues I can't bisect.
    >>> For example:
    >>> 1) First I tried to narrow the problem down to the closest affected
    >>> kernel snapshot. So I marked 2.6.35-git2 as good and I was expecting
    >>> that 2.6.35-git3 will be a bad one (as -git3 is the first snapshot
    >>> that includes drm patches from the first drm pull). But on -git3 0
    >>> A.D. even fails to start.
    >>> 2) Then I was hoping to do bisecting between 2.6.35-git11 and
    >>> 2.6.35-git12 (-git12 is the first snapshot that includes patches from
    >>> the second drm pull). But these both snapshots won't even compile for
    >>> me. It stops suddenly at the second stage of making modules without
    >>> giving any errors (despite kernel debugging enabled in .config). I
    >>> remember I had this problem for a while, AFAIR since around
    >>> 2.6.35-git5 to -git15 - between these I couldn't compile any snapshot
    >>> I had tried.
    >>> It's very likely that the issue I wanted to bisect is related to one
    >>> of or both drm pulls . So doing bisect between e.g. these kernels:
    >>> 2.6.35-git16 (which includes both drm pulls; assuming it's the first
    >>> snapshot since -git5 I could compile) and 2.6.36-rc1 would be
    >>> pointless - they both will be bad.
    >>> ------------
    >>> Now, this is my card:
    >>> Asus ATI Radeon HD3650 Silent 512MB
    >>> some glxinfo details:
    >>>        OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    >>>        OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RV635 9598) 20090101  TCL DRI2
    >>>        OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 7.9-devel
    >>>        OpenGL shading language version string: 1.20
    >>> ------------
    >>> About the logs. It happens that 0 A.D. does produce really huge logs.
    >>> Running the game just for about 10 SECONDS (counting after chosen map
    >>> has been loaded) relulted in these:
    >>> On a 'good' kernel
    >>>        60K     ./Xorg.0.log
    >>>        48K     ./dmesg
    >>>        27M     ./kern.log
    >>>        27M     ./syslog
    >>>        27M     ./messages
    >>>        81M     [total]
    >>> on a bad kernel 2.6.36-rc1
    >>>        60K     ./Xorg.0.log
    >>>        52K     ./dmesg
    >>>        21M     ./kern.log
    >>>        21M     ./syslog
    >>>        21M     ./messages
    >>>        63M     [total]
    >>> There's no mistake above: 3 logs had been blown up to over 20M during
    >>> only the little time when the game was running.
    >>> How I did it: deleted all those logs completely, re-booted from the
    >>> 'good' kernel, run the game and stopped. Then archived the logs,
    >>> deleted again and repeated the same on the 'bad' kernel.
    >>> So it looks like 99,999% of all lines in: kern.log, messages in syslog
    >>> were produced on both kernels when 0 A.D. was running. Before I first
    >>> time run it, I had never seen kern.log and messages in /var/log at
    >>> all, and syslog was never bigger than around 1,5M (with logs collected
    >>> from several boots and during a couple of days). Running 0 A.D. for a
    >>> couple of minutes results in about 1G for each of those 3 logs.
    >>> After compressing, the archive files are relatively small:
    >>>        2.0M    ./
    >>>        680K    ./
    >>>        1.6M    ./2.6.36-rc1-00159-g36423a5_0ad-logs.tar.bz2
    >>>        748K    ./2.6.36-rc1-00159-g36423a5_0ad-logs.tar.lzma [yes, somehow this
    >>> came up bigger than]
    >>> Do you mind if I send the .lzma's to you (unless you prefer .bz2)? I
    >>> won't cc LKML or anyone of course, they will be sent only to you.
    >>> Please let me know.
    >> I don't really need the whole files, likely it's just a few messages
    >> repeated.  Go ahead and send me the files and I'll take a look.
    >> Alex
    > Files attached.
    > The problem still occurs on 2.6.36-rc2-00098-gd1b113b (which includes
    > drm patches from yesterday's pull).
    > --
    > Thanks
    > Tomasz

    I have opened bugzilla entry #16881 for this. Related screenshots and
    log files are attached with the ticket.

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