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Subject[REGRESSION, Radeon-KMS] 2.6.36-rc1 - graphic issues in 0. A.D.
Just wanted to let you know about this before bisecting which
hopefully I will be able to start tomorrow. Please take a look at the
screenshots in below links to see the difference with rendering
textures in 0 A.D. alpha1 on kernel and 2.6.36-rc1-git3. [0
A.D. - strategic game, OS clone of Age of Empires; home page:]

0 A.D. on kernel [good]:

0 A.D. on kernel 2.6.36-rc1-git3:

Please note that in both cases only kernel was different. The other
components [including hardware] were in the same versions and had the
same options (like the game itself, xorg-ati drivers, mesa, libdrm
[S3TC disabled], etc.). So it must be kernel then.

Tomasz B.

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