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Subject[PATCH] memcg: towards I/O aware memcg v5
This is v5.

Sorry for delaying...but I had time for resetting myself and..several
changes are added. I think this version is simpler than v4.

Major changes from v4 is
a) added kernel/cgroup.c hooks again. (for b)
b) make RCU aware. previous version seems dangerous in an extreme case.

Then, codes are updated. Most of changes are related to RCU.

Patch brief view:
1. add hooks to kernel/cgroup.c for ID management.
2. use ID-array in memcg.
3. record ID to page_cgroup rather than pointer.
4. make update_file_mapped to be RCU aware routine instead of spinlock.
5. make update_file_mapped as general-purpose function.


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