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SubjectRe: [PATCHv10 2.6.35-rc6-tip 9/14] trace: uprobes trace_event interface
> > 
> > In fact this could be a menu "Dynamic Probes", perhaps default off, inside
> > which Kprobes and Uprobes would be default on (but depend on "Dynamic Probes").
> >
> > So that you can quickly enable them all in one.
> Hmm, I disagree with it, because both Kprobes and Uprobes provides
> APIs for modules too.
> I'd like to suggest below config tree
> Kenrel hacking
> - Kprobes
> - Uprobes
> - Tracing
> -- Dynamic Events
> depends on Kprobes || Uprobes
> or
> select Kprobes && Uprobes

I would agree with Masami since there could be people who might be
apprehensive to try out Uprobes (which would still be experimental) but
would be interested to use kprobes only since its more mature.

One change I would suggest would be to select respective events(i.e
kprobe_event, uprobe_event) instead of kprobes and uprobes.

Thanks and Regards

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