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SubjectRe: bug LINUX_VERSION_CODE undefined
Some update.

It seems that build script (and makefiles) uses it's own VERSION variable.
In the last standalone makefile where
> make uImage
executes, I have tried to
> override VERSION :=
> export VERSION
and execute make as
> VERSION= make uImage
but the only thing that helps is to prepend "override" keyword to
VERSION initialization in the main linux Makefile:

override VERSION = 2

2010/8/17 Sergey Naumov <>:
> Hello. This is my first message to this list so please be patient.
> I have encountered compilation error due to
> in include/linux/version.h
> This happens because $(VERSION) variable in the main Makefile has a
> value of instead of 2,
> so "expr" utility fails to generate LINUX_VERSION_CODE value with an
> error "non-numeric argument" or smth.
> I have found only one link (
> ) to this
> issue in the Internet,
> but there is no response to it, so I decided to post this message.
> Please subscribe me personally to answers to this post.
> Sergey Naumov.

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