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    Subject[BUG] perf: trace -s script is broken

    I am trying to understand how you're supposed to use perf trace with a
    script using tip-x86.
    I am running into several problems.

    I did:
    $ make prefix=/usr
    $ sudo make install prefix=/usr

    $ sudo perf record -c 1 -e raw_syscalls:sys_enter -a -- sleep 1
    $ sudo perf trace -s
    Can't open python script "": No such file or directory

    I looked into this a bit more, and sure enough, it seems perf is only looking
    in the current subdir to find However if you do:
    $ perf trace -l
    List of available trace scripts:
    failed-syscalls [comm] system-wide failed syscalls
    rw-by-file <comm> r/w activity for a program, by file
    rw-by-pid system-wide r/w activity
    rwtop [interval] system-wide r/w top
    wakeup-latency system-wide min/max/avg wakeup latency
    workqueue-stats workqueue stats (ins/exe/create/destroy)
    failed-syscalls-by-pid [comm] system-wide failed syscalls, by pid
    sctop [comm] [interval] syscall top
    syscall-counts-by-pid [comm] system-wide syscall counts, by pid
    syscall-counts [comm] system-wide syscall counts

    The listing requires trace to look at /usr/libexec/perf-core/scripts/*

    I think in builtin-trace.c, you need to add the path prefix, perf_path_exec()
    to the script_name for this to work correctly. Or am I missing something here?

    Similarly, all the -report scripts installed via make install, still
    have the ~/libexec
    prefix hardcoded into them. I believe those should be relative to the
    install prefix

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