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    SubjectRe: USB device getting different product ids
    On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 05:08:00PM +0200, Dhaval Giani wrote:
    > Heya,
    > Admittedly I am using an older kernel, but I was wondering if a USB
    > device can get different product ids on being plugged in at different
    > times. I have one of these nice USB modems to connect to the internet
    > . It is one of these huawei devices. Now, most of the times, it gets
    > detected with vendor id 0x12d1 and product id 0x1446. In this mode, on
    > loading the usbserial module, I see only ttyUSB0 come up, which for
    > whatever reason, I am unable to use to connect to the internet.
    > However when it is detected as the product id 0x140b, I get
    > ttyUSB[0-2] which then connects very nicely via both wvdial and
    > networkmanager to the internet. Now obviously, I would like for the
    > device to get detected as 0x140b each time, as opposed to me pulling
    > it out and inserting it back in till does get detected as 0x140b :-).
    > So my question is,
    > 1. Is it possible for the same device to get different product ids at
    > different times

    Yes, it's quite common for some devices to do this.

    > 2. If so, how do I possibly get it to detect the id I want, as opposed
    > to playing a game of chance.

    Look at the usb-modeswitch program, it's what you want to control this.

    > (I would copy linux-usb if I knew the mailing list id, but as I am on
    > a slow GPRS connection, which is quite flaky right now, I would like
    > to send this out right now. Please copy that list if it would help!)

    In the future, it's the list, also available in
    the MAINTAINERS file.


    greg k-h

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