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    Subject[-next July 9 - s390 ] Badness at fs/sysfs/symlink.c:82 during qeth initalization
    With today's next(20100709) qeth interface fails to initialize
    with following Badness message:

    sysfs: symlink across ns_types 0.0.6000/net:eth0 -> net/eth0
    ------------ cut here ------------
    Badness at fs/sysfs/symlink.c:82
    Modules linked in: qeth_l3 ipv6 qeth qdio vmur ccwgroup scsi_dh_alua scsi_dh_rda
    c scsi_dh_hp_sw scsi_dh_emc dm_zero ext3 mbcache multipath jbd dm_snapshot dm_mi
    rror dm_region_hash dm_log dm_round_robin dm_multipath dm_mod scsi_dh sd_mod scs
    i_mod crc_t10dif dasd_fba_mod dasd_eckd_mod dasd_mod
    CPU: 0 Tainted: G W 2.6.35-rc4-autotest-next-20100709-5-default #1
    Process udevd (pid: 587, task: 00000000fcdc0038, ksp: 00000000faa4f9a8)
    Krnl PSW : 0704000180000000 00000000002ac5b0 (sysfs_do_create_link+0x120/0x268)
    R:0 T:1 IO:1 EX:1 Key:0 M:1 W:0 P:0 AS:0 CC:0 PM:0 EA:3
    Krnl GPRS: 0000000000010000 0000000000719408 0000000000000043 00000000ffffffff
    000000000045bf5a 0000000000000000 00000000fa96b640 0000000000000001
    0000000000000001 00000000faa4fbb0 00000000fca76500 00000000fb139a50
    0000000000000000 000000000048be60 00000000002ac5ac 00000000faa4fb10
    Krnl Code: 00000000002ac5a0: c020001545ad larl %r2,5550fa
    00000000002ac5a6: c0e5000d7cb1 brasl %r14,45bf08
    00000000002ac5ac: a7f40001 brc 15,2ac5ae
    >00000000002ac5b0: b9040029 lgr %r2,%r9
    00000000002ac5b4: a7c8ffea lhi %r12,-22
    00000000002ac5b8: c0e5fffffbf8 brasl %r14,2abda8
    00000000002ac5c2: 5830b000 l %r3,0(%r11)
    Call Trace:
    (<00000000002ac5ac> sysfs_do_create_link+0x11c/0x268)
    <0000000000358f62> device_add+0x6c2/0x734
    <00000000003cffa8> netdev_register_kobject+0x88/0x188
    <00000000003be7aa> register_netdevice+0x236/0x450
    <00000000003bea1e> register_netdev+0x5a/0x74
    <000003c00633a5b8> __qeth_l3_set_online+0x9d8/0x1518 qeth_l3
    <000003c004cb4ada> ccwgroup_online_store+0x1e6/0x230 ccwgroup
    <00000000002a9e10> sysfs_write_file+0xec/0x19c
    <00000000002301d0> vfs_write+0xac/0x184
    <000000000023039e> SyS_write+0x52/0xa8
    <00000000001195ee> sysc_noemu+0x10/0x16
    <0000020000151444> 0x20000151444
    Last Breaking-Event-Address:
    <00000000002ac5ac> sysfs_do_create_link+0x11c/0x268

    Yesterday's next was good.

    Last commit that changed symlink.c was

    commit d7866652cda316006089fa42b931627992c08010
    sysfs: Don't allow the creation of symlinks we can't remove

    This commit added the above WARN() message. I haven't tried to revert
    this commit to check if that helps with qeth initialization.



    Sachin Sant
    IBM Linux Technology Center
    India Systems and Technology Labs
    Bangalore, India

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