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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tproxy: nf_tproxy_assign_sock() can handle tw sockets

2010/7/9 Eric Dumazet <>:
> Reviewing tproxy stuff I spotted a problem in nf_tproxy_assign_sock()
> but I could not see how it could explain your crash.
> We can read uninitialized memory and trigger a fault in
> nf_tproxy_assign_sock(), not later in tcp_recvmsg()...

Well, since I can't reproduce the bug, if you think this patch solves
my problem, I'll tell my bosses that we can put back the production
machine online.

But anyway, if there's test you think I can run, I have same the same
hardware on a lab using the same setup as the production


Felipe Damasio

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