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SubjectRe: Introducing the LCD-Linux project
> 3) Invert the VT layer. Currently the console/printk driver is on top of
> the tty layer. It would be nice to be able to only use a very light
> weight vt printk without the VT tty on top for embedded platforms.

No. printk hits console drivers why may or may not be frame buffer
interfaces. Has done for a very long time. Keith Packard has also been
doing stuff with crash time oops displays etc over an X display.

> 4) Seperate out the VT emulation layer. Related to 3.

Separate from what ?

> 5) Multiple independent VT support. Which brings up the question what
> should the mapping of VCs to a VT look like.

I would suggest we borrow the X idea and each VC is

int display; /* Display it is on (for console flipping) */
struct something *vt; /* VT which it is displaying */
int x,y,w,h; /* Window onto vt */

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