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    SubjectRe: swiotlb detection should be memory hotplug aware ?
    FUJITA Tomonori <> writes:
    >> The other problem is that using only two bits for the needed address
    >> space is also extremly
    >> inefficient (4GB and 16MB on x86). Really want masks everywhere and
    >> optimize for the
    >> actual requirements.
    > swiotlb doesn't allocate GFP_DMA memory. It handles only GFP_DMA32.

    I was lumping GFP_DMA and swiotlb together here. The
    pci_alloc_consistent() function uses both interchangedly.
    They really effectively are the same thing these days
    and just separated by historical accident.

    > I have a half-baked patch for it. I'll send it later.

    The problem are still the *_map users which usually cannot sleep,
    and then it's difficult to grow.
    For *_alloc it's relatively easy and to some extend already


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