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SubjectRe: [BUG] dm9601 driver won't init device properly
On Sat, 2010-07-24 at 10:44 -0400, wrote:
> Wow. An "ethernet" card that won't do an MTU of 1500 even under
> Windows. May I
> add this to my gallery of examples I use when people say "no vendor
> could
> *possibly* ship hardware that fscked up"? :)

A lot of these "cards" are not meant for you and I. They are meant for
casual desktop users that would never put any amount of load on them.

About 6 years ago we needed some PCMCIA modem cards and bought 100 of
them from a vendor for $25/ea. They started failing in the field. When
calling they just could not sync up. Only a reboot could fix the
problem. What we learned was that a combination of heat and other
factors caused them to drift so much the timing was off. We replaced
those in the field with Zoom 3075 at about $65/ea. These modems were
not meant for our solution. They were meant for casual laptop users
that needed to dial an ISP every so often. I was expecting them to work
in a box that would stay up 24x7. They couldn't handle it. I wrote a
perl program that used a TLS-4 simulator and would dial the modem
constantly. The failures were too much. On the Zooms we would average
10 failures per 1000 calls.

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