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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/3] DMAENGINE: generic slave channel control v2
    > 2010/7/22 Linus Walleij <>:
    > > This adds an interface to the DMAengine to make it possible to
    > > reconfigure a slave channel at runtime. We add a few foreseen
    > > config parameters to the passed struct, with a void * pointer
    > > for custom per-device or per-platform runtime slave data.
    > BTW Vinod, if you're happy with this API, then please ACK it so
    > Dan has some indication whether it'll fit the Moorestown too.

    Shouldn't this patch remove the private member in dma_chan structure

    Currently chan->private is used for sending slave or similar channel specific
    information. Now if we want to add struct dma_slave_config, then IMHO it
    would make sense to remove private variable and replace with dma_slave_config
    struture. That way we can reuse this struture there as well and if someone wants
    to add more stuff he can use the private_config.

    Dan, what do you think about this?


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