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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 00/11] perf pmu interface -v2
    On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 11:57 +0900, Paul Mundt wrote:
    > At the moment it's not an issue since we have big enough counters that
    > overflows don't really happen, especially if we're primarily using them
    > for one-shot measuring.
    > SH-4A style counters behave in such a fashion that we have 2 general
    > purpose counters, and 2 counters for measuring bus transactions. These
    > bus counters can optionally be disabled and used in a chained mode to
    > provide the general purpose counters a 64-bit counter (the actual
    > validity in the upper half of the chained counter varies depending on the
    > CPUs, but all of them can do at least 48-bits when chained).

    Right, so I was reading some of that code and I couldn't actually find
    where you keep consistency between the hardware counter value and the
    stored prev_count value.

    That is, suppose I'm counting, the hardware starts at 0, hwc->prev_count
    = 0 and event->count = 0.

    At some point, x we context switch this task away, so we ->disable(),
    which disables the counter and updates the values, so at that time
    hwc->prev = x and event->count = x, right?

    Now suppose we schedule the task back in, so we do ->enable(), then what
    happens? sh_pmu_enable() finds an unused index, (disables it for some
    reason.. it should already be cleared if its not used, but I guess a few
    extra hardware writes dont hurt) and calls sh4a_pmu_enable() on it.

    sh4a_pmu_enable() does 3 writes:

    PPC_PMCAT -- does this clear the counter value?
    PPC_CCBR -- writes the ->config bits
    PPC_CCBR (adds CCBR_DUC, couldn't this be done in the
    previous write to this reg?)

    Now assuming that enable does indeed clear the hardware counter value,
    shouldn't you also set hwc->prev_count to 0 again? Otherwise the next
    update will see a massive jump?

    Alternatively you could write the hwc->prev_count value back to the

    If you eventually want to drop the chained counter support I guess it
    would make sense to have sh_perf_event_update() read and clear the
    counter so that you're always 0 based and then enforce an update from
    the arch tick hander so you never overflow.

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