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SubjectRe: [PATCHv3 1/3] USB: gadget: mass/file storage: set serial number

>   It in no way duplicates functionality of
> the composite layer.

Beyond the obvious "Set serial number" ...

> As a matter of fact, without
> this patch, the
> iSerialNumber module parameter won't work

So submit a bugfix for that alone, making it
work everywhere...

> (not tested, just looked at the code).

Do you know when it broke? That code has been
tested in the past, and observed to work. So if
it's not working now, someone broke it and that
should just be fixed.

> The second patch (by Yann Cantin) adds a serial module
> parameter to
> the File Storage Gadget.  FSG is not a composite
> gadget

OK, so it should add a module param with the same
name as used elsewhere ... makes sense to me. If
Alan Acks that patch, go for it.

- Dave

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