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SubjectRe: emacs and "linux" coding style
Ted Ts'o <> writes:

> Actually, what my code use is tabs with a tab stop of 8 followed by
> enough spaces (< 7) to align function parameters and to align
> open/close parenthesis in C expression line wrap.

To be honest, I do precisely the same, though I think it's far from
perfect. It's just emacs which can't do better (or I don't know how to
make it do better).

> The main problem seems to be that Chapter 9 in
> Documentation/CodingStyle is written by someone who feels that since
> vi makes it easy to only align parameters using tabs, that everybody
> should do it the same way as vi. I'm simply challenging Chapter 9 as
> being canon. I certainly ignore it, and as a maintainer I tend to
> accept either vi or emacs-style indentations with respect to
> parameters and C expressions.

Fully agreed.
Krzysztof Halasa

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