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    SubjectQuestion about binfmt_elf.c
    Could somebody please update this comment to explain why fiddling with 
    strangely protected bss is _not_ an easy way to leak arbitrary amounts of
    uninitalized kernel memory (with whatever previous contents they have) to

    nbyte = ELF_PAGEOFFSET(elf_bss);
    if (nbyte) {
    nbyte = ELF_MIN_ALIGN - nbyte;
    if (nbyte > elf_brk - elf_bss)
    nbyte = elf_brk - elf_bss;
    if (clear_user((void __user *)elf_bss +
    load_bias, nbyte)) {
    * This bss-zeroing can fail if the ELF
    * file specifies odd protections. So
    * we don't check the return value

    Just curious. Reading through the code and trying to understand it...

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