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    SubjectRe: csum errors
    Am Donnerstag 15 Juli 2010, 21:03:09 schrieb Chris Mason:
    > On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 08:30:17PM +0200, Johannes Hirte wrote:
    > > Am Dienstag 13 Juli 2010, 14:23:58 schrieb Johannes Hirte:
    > > > ino 1959333 off 898342912 csum 4271223884 private 4271223883
    > >
    > > I think, this is a different error. I've only seen them on filesystems
    > > from my Opteron system. It seems that the recorded csums are wrong and
    > > it looks to me like rounding errors. The data itself should be correct,
    > > as I've tested one affected file via md5sum against the original on
    > > another filesystem. Any ideas what is going wrong here?
    > Are you doing data mirroring?

    No, I don't.

    > We can map that block and do a raw read off the device to see what the
    > data blocks actually contain.

    I've modified the btrfs-source a little to get the data. In inode.c I've
    changed the code to:

    csum = btrfs_csum_data(root, kaddr + offset, csum, end - start + 1);
    btrfs_csum_final(csum, (char *)&csum);
    if (csum != private)
    if (printk_ratelimit()) {
    printk(KERN_INFO "csum != private; ino %lu off %llu "
    "csum %u private %llu\n", page->mapping->host->i_ino,
    (unsigned long long)start, csum,
    (unsigned long long)private);
    // goto zeroit;

    kunmap_atomic(kaddr, KM_USER0);

    This way I could read the files with wrong csum too. As I wrote, I've compared
    the md5sum from one file with a copy on an other filesystem. As they are the
    same, at least for this file the data should be correct. The big question is,
    why do the csums differ?


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