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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] tproxy: nf_tproxy_assign_sock() can handle tw sockets
    On 09.07.2010 19:13, Eric Dumazet wrote:
    > Le vendredi 09 juillet 2010 à 12:03 -0300, Felipe W Damasio a écrit :
    >> Hi,
    >> 2010/7/8 Eric Dumazet <>:
    >>> Please try to reproduce a new report.
    >>> It looks like a memory corruption, and it would be good to see if a
    >>> common pattern is occurring.
    >> I'm trying..the thing is the freeze occured on the machine that sits
    >> on a 200Mbps ISP in bridge-mode. Since the machine frooze, and the
    >> whole ISP went down for a few minutes, I'm not allowed to run any
    >> tests on it.
    >> I've setup the same scenario on a lab, but since last night been
    >> unable to reproduce the bug. Maybe there's a clue on the this crash
    >> below that can help me write some program to trigger the problem?
    > Reviewing tproxy stuff I spotted a problem in nf_tproxy_assign_sock()
    > but I could not see how it could explain your crash.
    > We can read uninitialized memory and trigger a fault in
    > nf_tproxy_assign_sock(), not later in tcp_recvmsg()...
    > David, Patrick, what do you think ?
    > Thanks
    > [PATCH] tproxy: nf_tproxy_assign_sock() can handle tw sockets
    > transparent field of a socket is either inet_twsk(sk)->tw_transparent
    > for timewait sockets, or inet_sk(sk)->transparent for other sockets
    > (TCP/UDP).

    I don't see anything preventing use of timewait sockets, so the
    patch looks correct to me.

    Applied to nf-2.6.git, thanks Eric.
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