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    SubjectRe: acerhdf.c - unsupported notebook
    Hi Boris, Hi Branislav,

    Quoting Borislav Petkov <>:

    > From: Branislav Gajdos <>
    > Date: Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 10:30:14PM +0200
    >> So that means you would keep there the definitions for Core 2 based
    >> models as well, right?

    The 1810's are already supported by acerhdf and some people use it for
    fan control, so we should keep it, but we should enhance the bios_tbl
    by "default_fanon" and "default_fanoff". What do you think Boris?

    > You still didn't answer my question whether your fan is noisy? IOW, does
    > it make sense for you to use this driver at all?

    Haven't got any email from a 3810 user to add support for this model,
    so for me it seems like the fan isn't noisy at all. - Usually as soon
    as a new model with a noisy fan comes out the people are spaming my
    inbox and crying ;)

    kind regards,

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