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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tproxy: nf_tproxy_assign_sock() can handle tw sockets

2010/7/14 Eric Dumazet <>:
>> I can, but my bosses will kick my ass if I bring down the ISP again :)
> I have no guarantee at all, even if we find the bug.

Ok :-)

>> If you think it's the only way to find the problem I'll tell them that
>> I need to do it. In this case, please tell me what other config
>> options/tools I can use to get as much info as possible...since I'll
>> probably be able to test this only once more on the production
>> environment for debugging purposes.
> You really should try to setup a lab to trigger the bug, and not doing
> experiments on production :)

Right, I'm trying.

The thing is: The ISP is a 200Mbps network with 10,000 users. The
first time it took around 2 minutes to trigger the bug. The second
time it took around 17 minutes.

So I *think* it's some TCP flag with some weird content...but I can't
find out what it is so I can trigger it on the lab.

So my only guess is to enable every possible debug flag I can think of
to track the bug down on the production environment. Any hints here
would be appreciated :)


Felipe Damasio

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