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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pidns: Fix wait for zombies to be reaped in zap_pid_ns_processes
Louis Rilling <> writes:

> This patch looks like it is working (only a small RCU issue shown below). I
> couldn't try it yet though.

It certainly worked in my testing.

> I must admit that I am using a similar back-off solution in Kerrighed (not to
> solve the issue of proc_flush_task(), but for one of the reasons that you stated
> above: we want to be sure that all tasks of the namespace have been reaped), but
> I considered it too ugly to propose it for Linux ;)

Well sometimes you have to go with what works.

Thanks for spotting those issue with my patch. I guess it needs one more
pass before I can call it done.

> That said, this is probably the least intrusive solution we have seen yet.

Thanks for the review. The bug where processes can escape a pid
namespace is really the reason I did it this way. I also have the
patches needed to cleanly fix the pid namespace ref counting.
(Hopefully I can get them posted soon). So if there was just the
ref counting bug I would drop this patch.


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