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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -V16 02/12] vfs: Add name to file handle conversion support
    On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Aneesh Kumar K. V wrote:
    > That would include another stat call on the file to get the st_dev ? As
    > per the last review (Message-id:20100708082143.3701bfc7@notabene.brown)
    > we discussed that
    > it would be nice to add st_dev as a part of handle. Later I suggested
    > it would be nice to get mount_id instead of st_dev because st_dev is
    > not stable (against remounts) for file system that doesn't have a
    > backing device. So instead of using something that is partially stable,
    > add mnt_id which is explicitly stated to be unstable across remounts.
    > If you are against having mount_id as a part of struct file_handle, do
    > you think we could add it as a extra argument to syscall ?

    Yeah, I think that would be cleaner.


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