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SubjectRe: Provide /sys/../ec with read/write access and some cleanups
On Thu, 01 Jul 2010, Thomas Renninger wrote:
> These patches are diffed against the test branch of the ACPI tree, but also
> patch fine with 2.6.35-rc3.
> I thought about tainting the kernel if someone writes to the EC, but as
> userspace can also write to graphics IO, PCI config or MSRs, it shouldn't
> matter that much.
> Eventually this should still be added (by a separate patch), one can easily
> confuse the EC to not switch on the fans anymore.
> A small tool to read out and write to /sys/devices/system/ec/*/io can be
> found here:
> Len: Can you apply these into your test branch and schedule them for linux-next
> and 2.6.36 if there are no objections, please.

I am just wondering if we shouldn't have this in debugfs instead of regular
/sys. Do you envision *production* use of this facility, or should it just
be something to use for debugging and hacking?

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