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SubjectRe: Suspend hangs since 2.6.34
On Wednesday, June 09, 2010, Tino Keitel wrote:
> Hi,
> as of kernel 2.6.34 I sometimes get a strange hang during suspend to
> RAM. After echo mem > /sys/power/state, the suspend script hangs, Xorg
> eats 100% CPU, and the desktop is frozen. I can kill the script and the
> computer will then suspend and resume fine. The kernel log shows
> nothing interesting when the hang happens:
> usblp0: removed
> usbcore: deregistering interface driver dvb_usb_vp7045
> dvb-usb: Twinhan USB2.0 DVB-T receiver (TwinhanDTV Alpha/MagicBox II)
> successfully deinitialized and disconnected.
> PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.
> Is this a known problem?

No, it's not.

> I had rock stable suspend with 2.3.33.x. The
> computer is a Mac mini Core2 Duo with i945 graphics. I use KMS. I will
> compile a kernel with suspend debug to get more information if the hang
> happens next time.

Yes, please try to get more information.


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