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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] No mixers on ATI RS780 Azalia
On Thursday 2010-05-27 14:34, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>> Please do not assume that the "HDMI" device is the right one, since you
>> never got either one to work in Linux.
>Hmm, that computer is separate from the actual LCD, which has an HDMI
>input, so it's possible that the HDMI output would be correct.
>In that case, it's likely that you've run into this bug:
>You might try the patch mentioned there, or radeonhd, or fglrx.

Cc'ing drm.

I conclude further tests.

* Linux 2.6.35-rc2
- fbcon:radeondrmfb using "modprobe radeon modeset=1"
- sound ok
- Xorg (7.4) with 'radeonhd'
- fbcon ok, no sound in Xorg - I figure radeonhd is obsolete
- Xorg with 'radeon'
- fbcon ok, xorg ok.
There is a small breakdown when switching between fbcon and xorg

* Linux
- like 2.6.35-rc2, but had a bug that prevented radeon.ko to go into
graphics mode when initially loaded; workaround: modprobe fglrx;
rmmod fglrx; modprobe radeon modeset=1
- or fglrx, also makes sound work

- fglrx bug aside: switching from Xorg to console (either 80x25 or
radeondrmfb) makes a fugly "pop" noise, and if the target is
radeomdrmfb, display is garbled.

So I'm happy.
Conclusive questions however:

* Why is it that I am only allowed to have sound in graphics mode?

* The radeon.ko module does not have any PCI IDs defined, thus does not
get autoloaded like i915.ko. Is this intentional? It also seems
to default to modeset=0.

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