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    SubjectRe: suspend blockers & Android integration
    On Sat, 5 Jun 2010, Arve Hjønnevåg wrote:
    > 2010/6/5 Thomas Gleixner <>:
    > >
    > > Can you please explain in a consistent way how the application stack
    > > and the underlying framework (which exists according to android docs)
    > > is handling events and how the separation of trust level works ?
    > >
    > I don't think I can, since I only know small parts of it. I know some

    Sigh, thats the whole reason why this discussion goes nowhere.

    How in heavens sake should we be able to decide whether suspend
    blockers are the right and only thing which solves a problem, when the
    folks advocating suspend blockers are not able to explain the problem
    in the first place ?

    > events like input event go though a single thread in our system
    > process, while other events like network packets (which are also
    > wakeup events) goes directly to the app.

    Yes, we know that already, but that's a completely useless information
    as it does not describe the full constraints and dependencies.

    Lemme summarize:

    Android needs suspend blockers, because it works, but cannot explain
    why it works and why it only works that way.

    A brilliant argument to merge them - NOT.


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