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SubjectRe: [2.6.35-rc1] page alloc failure order:1, mode:0x4020
Le dimanche 06 juin 2010 à 11:56 +0200, Michael Guntsche a écrit :
> On 2010.06.04 18:16:44 , Michael Guntsche wrote:
> > I applied the patch recompiled and run it on the routerboard, trying
> > to trigger the bug again.
> Hi Eric,
> Up to now I was not able to reproduce the bug, do you think this patch
> can be pushed to mainline or is there a "better"/other fix for it?
> Kind regards,
> Michael

Thanks Michael for testing.

I'll submit ASAP an official patch, sent to all people involved in this
driver to get their Ack (or Nack).

IEEE80211_MAX_MPDU_LEN being 3840 + somebits is suspect, since it doesnt
match 802.11 specs.

It should be more close of 2304 + MAC header (32bytes) + FCS (4 bytes) ?

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