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    Subject[-next June 4] Boot failure on x86_64,PPC64
    Today's next failed to boot on variety of hardware (x86_64,PPC64)
    with following messages :

    doing fast boot

    scsi_mod: module_layout: kernel tainted.

    Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint

    scsi_mod: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.

    scsi_mod: Unknown symbol add_uevent_var (err 0)

    scsi_mod: Unknown symbol blk_queue_rq_timed_out (err 0)

    scsi_mod: Unknown symbol blk_end_request_err (err 0)

    scsi_mod: Unknown symbol device_schedule_callback_owner (err 0)

    scsi_mod: Unknown symbol dev_set_name (err 0)

    ........ <SNIP> ......

    WARNING: Error iscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol scsi_mode_sense (err 0)

    Inserting scsi_moscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol dev_set_name (err 0)

    d (/lib/modules/scsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol transport_remove_device (err 0)

    2.6.35-rc1-autotscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol scsi_get_vpd_page (err 0)

    est-next-2010060scsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol device_initialize (err 0)

    4/kernel/driversscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol device_for_each_child (err 0)

    /scsi/scsi_mod.kscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol get_device (err 0)

    o): Unknown symbscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol bsg_unregister_queue (err 0)

    ol in module, orscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol transport_setup_device (err 0)

    unknown parametscsi_transport_sas: Unknown symbol put_device (err 0)

    and many more scsi_mod related messages.
    Yesterday's problem of OOPS during init/load_module seem to have disappeared.



    Sachin Sant
    IBM Linux Technology Center
    India Systems and Technology Labs
    Bangalore, India

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