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    SubjectRe: Add a helper function in PCI IOV to get VF device
    > VF is often loaded on the physical machine.  There's also a networking
    > specific mechanism for querying and configuring a VF via the PF.
    ? I don't really understand. What do you mean load? I don't think
    physical machine is able to use it as a hardware device.

    > While your patch is simple, it's unclear to me what your end goal is.
    > The patch itself only adds a function. if you showed how you are
    > planning to use it, that would really help.
    Currently my hack is applied on 2.6.18 because of xen's limitation. As
    Mitch says, igb driver is significantly different with recent ones. On
    the other hand, my hack just exposes several PCI configuration and
    MMIO registers to the sysfs, you will only understand the use case
    when you also see the userspace hacks.

    > It's especially confusing that you are comparing your patch with
    > symlinks visible in sysfs.
    That's my fault. The most recent reply explains it.

    Thanks for reply.

    Frank Pan

    Computer Science and Technology
    Tsinghua University
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