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    SubjectRe: ARM defconfig files
    On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 20:57 +0100, Russell King wrote:

    > config MACH_HALIBUT
    > bool "Halibut Board (QCT SURF7201A)"
    > select I2C if STD_CONFIG
    > select I2C_WHATEVER if STD_CONFIG
    > ...
    > That means if you enable STD_CONFIG, you'll get everything that's required
    > selected. If you then disable STD_CONFIG, I believe Kconfig leaves
    > everything that was selected as still being selected.
    > So, what you _could_ do is start off with a blank configuration, then
    > configure a kernel with STD_CONFIG enabled and you end up with everything
    > that's required. If you then want to disable something that's selected,
    > turn off STD_CONFIG first, and you'll be able to turn off individual
    > options.

    The main problem with that approach is that you can't choose what is to
    be modules and what is to be built-in.

    Yes, I do -hate- modules as much as you do.

    However, I have for example that little ARM based NAS box (DNS-323 from
    Belkin) and the firmware on that thing won't let me boot a kernel that
    is more than about 1.5M, tho I have about 6M of flash to put an
    initramfs with modules in it.

    Maybe we could extend select that way. IE. A way to say that a given
    option should be y or m by default, for example, while the user can
    still change it to be the other way around ?


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