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    SubjectRe: ata link not reset properly

    Robert Hancock wrote:

    >> On 25.06.2010 17:19, Tejun Heo wrote:
    >>> Patch attached, but please see below.

    >> Cheers, I will give it a try and provide feedback if "it" happens again.

    >>> Is it PATA?

    >> Yes. This chipset doesn't have SATA, only PATA.

    > Ahh, ok, it's not sata_nv at all then, it's pata_amd. On the same chip,
    > totally different controller though.

    > PATA doesn't normally use hard-resets as a means of error recovery -
    > that would mean hitting the RESET line, which I don't think most
    > controllers can do on software command (it usually only gets asserted on
    > power up or hitting the reset button), unlike on SATA where there's a
    > defined way to trigger a COMRESET which is mostly equivalent. Also, that
    > resets both devices on the channel, unlike soft reset which is specific
    > to one device.

    PATA soft reset affects both devices too. Unless you mean ATAPI Device
    Reset command.

    MBR, Sergei

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