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    SubjectRe: gpiolib and sleeping gpios

    --- On Wed, 6/23/10, Jani Nikula <> wrote:

    > Hi David -
    > Part of the reason why such drivers haven't been fixed
    > might be that the runtime warnings are only issued if DEBUG
    > is defined in gpiolib.c:

    A very good point. those cansleep() warnings
    should perhaps be issued more consistently.

    (Other warnings are safer to skip.)

    I think the normal case for the GPIO calls is
    the spinlock-safe code path, so I'd probably
    ack a patch which incurs the extra costs only
    for gpio chips that are already sleeping.

    (The desire to trim costs for bitbanging is
    not going to affect gpio chips accesssed over
    I2C or SPI ... ;)

    - Dave

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