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SubjectRe: [PATCH] hid Logitech G13 Driver 0.0.5
Hi Rick,

Please check how your driver behaves if the framebuffer is still in use
(open and/or mmapped) by some userspace process when you unplug the

Probably you will get hit be the same complaints from kernel I was seeing
with PicoLCD driver (see my patch that
is expected to fix it on PicoLCD side, the refcounting part of the patch)


On Tue, 22 June 2010 "Rick L. Vinyard, Jr." <> wrote:
> I've been waiting to resubmit until I get some of the userspace libraries
> and utilities a little more mature. There were some things I was exposing
> to sysfs that I didn't absolutely need, and some others that I needed to
> add.
> The cairo and papyrus libraries are (preliminarily) fully working. Once I
> make sure I have everything the daemon will need I'll resubmit the driver,
> and once that is done I was planning on submitting the libs/utils to
> Fedora.
> For now, I've been dropping Fedora 12/13 patches and kernel SRPMS here:
> And the userspace libraries/utilities are at:
> As for the g13fb on the G15... I would imagine it could be done, but I
> don't have a G15 so I can't say for sure.
> If I had to guess I think you'll have to take the core functionality of
> the keyboard driver and extend it with the fb code in the _same_ driver if
> the keyboard and display use a similar design to the G13.
> The G13 uses the same endpoint for both keyboard input and display
> messages, and since a USB endpoint can't be shared across drivers both
> will have to reside in the same driver.
> --
> Rick

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