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SubjectDell Studio 1555 eject key does not work ( small patch to fix included )

Pressing the eject key on my Dell Studio 1555 does not work and dmesg produces
this message :
dell-wmi: Unknown key 0 pressed

Adding a debugging printk in dell-wmi.c after line 222 like this :

printk(KERN_INFO "dell:wmi 0x%x , 0x%x \n", buffer_entry[1], buffer_entry[2]);

dmesg now shows :

dell:wmi 0x0 , 0xe009
dell-wmi: Unknown key 0 pressed

So for some reason buffer_entry[1] is used although it is empty.

Falling back to buffer_entry[2] in case buffer_entry[1] is 0x0 makes
the button work.

I suspect it might be better to fix the "dell_new_hk_type" logic though

I had submitted this as but repeating the
information and patch
here as per Andrew Morton's suggestion.


--- linux-sidux-2.6-2.6.34/drivers/platform/x86/dell-wmi.c.orig 2010-06-03
01:02:17.418824168 +0400
+++ linux-sidux-2.6-2.6.34/drivers/platform/x86/dell-wmi.c 2010-06-03
01:01:40.641833249 +0400
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ static void dell_wmi_notify(u32 value, v

- if (dell_new_hk_type)
+ if (dell_new_hk_type || buffer_entry[1] == 0x0)
reported_key = (int)buffer_entry[2];
reported_key = (int)buffer_entry[1] & 0xffff;

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